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ready to launch your dream biz?


We want to see you succeed at this crazy, confusing thing. Surpassing client expectations and overdelivering in ways that leave the best lasting impression. At live rooted, we want to help you establish and grow your business by teaching you core things that are taught in a step by step process that ACTUALLY produce results.

Giiiiirl. This isn't just a workshop where you come and go and leave with some good info.... and then apply some things you learned.. but then feel discouraged and lost and not know what to do next. You will leave feeling over the moon ecstatic cause you just made tons of new besties, and have an exact game plan of what you need to do.. like for real. 

hey there honey chiiiild.. we're your hosts

HELPING photographers create their dream business


The experience that I had at the Live Rooted retreat was unreal! Dan and Morgan literally thought of everything! This retreat was so much more than just a portfolio building workshop... Yes the styling for the workshop was PERFECTION but I learned so much on the back end of my business that I never thought I would learn from a workshop! I can’t praise these girls enough or putting together one of the best experiences I’ve had in the photography industry! 


I had THE best time at the LiveRooted retreat! It was truly one of the BEST things I’ve ever done for my business! The styled shoots were UNREAL. I got the most amazing content that will help push me to reach more out of state clients! The lessons were some of my favorite parts. I’m kind of a nerd and I LOVE LOVE LOVE learning new stuff!! I took a ton of notes and the second I got home I have been working nonstop to implement them. Morgan and Dan... I cannot say enough. I have never felt so comfortable to ask ANYTHING I wanted to know. They don’t judge you at all. They’re so silly and goofy and it really brought out everyone’s childlike vibes and brought us all a lot closer together. I felt totally free to be myself and to learn and grow. I made lifelong friendships and actually teared when I got home because I miss everyone SO much. I have already seen huge success in my business and it’s been less than a week!! I honestly don’t even know where to end this review because I could talk about it for YEARS. 


Going into this retreat, I can’t lie - I was a little nervous. This was my first retreat, my first flight, my first major step in growing my photography business. When I say I was welcomed from the very beginning and felt at home with everyone, I seriously mean it. I made so many friendships that are so special to me how. Being surrounded by other creatives is so refreshing! The vendors, models, and photogs were all insane!! Seriously feels like a dream! I came back home with a completely new and exciting outlook on my business and where it could go. I learned so much during this retreat and got so much dang good content that has been exactly what my page needed to attract the clients I hope to have for my business!! Morg and Dan were there offering tips and tricks the whole time - from shooting and posing to business advice I didn’t even know I needed! I seriously can’t thank them enough!!!! If I could go back and do it again, I would in a heartbeat. But since I can’t, you can just catch me at @liverooted’s next retreat and everyone after that 


I’ve never felt so inspired by an amazing group of hosts, vendors and also every single incredibly talented attendee. What more could you ask for??!!! I was hoping to expand my portfolio but now I have the confidence to turn this into a business! This was better than I could have ever imagined and I cannot thank you enough!!! 


Bruh y’all actually changed the game for me, I hadn’t gone full into photography yet and was definitely still learning, y’all were so good w starting w the basics and making sure everything was covered before even getting into the more in depth parts. Before y’all I didn’t even know there was a button to lens correct on lightroom LOL- my pics had that natural vignetting EW
Just so happy I found y’all & so lucky to know both of you!!

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