camp rooted

MAY 6-9

where are we heading next:

Come join us for 3 nights + 4 days of FUN in Georgia!

When we started Live Rooted 3 years ago, our main focus was on building community. We have had over 100 attendees in the last 3 years, hosted events in 14 different states. We have loved meeting likeminded women and built lifelong friendships!

Camp Rooted is a camp for adult female photographers. Live Rooted has hosted workshops, content days, mentorships, and more and we wanted to really focus on the one thing that started Live Rooted - BUILDING COMMUNITY. This camp is a "reset." No photoshoots, no work, just relaxing and making. Morgan and Dan met at a workshop 4 years ago and we just want to offer the same opportunity to build friendships as we had!!

Imagine this.. camp when you were a kid.. but now you're grown and you deserve a little nostalgia. Think Parent Trap vibes. This camp experience for photographers is so much more than just a getaway though. We strive to create an environment where community is cultivated and friendships are formed. We want this to be a time where everyone can grow in confidence in wherever they are in their business.

This is NOT a workshop or a content retreat. You will not be coming to take photos of content. You can totally bring your cameras but it is specifically to grow your community!

COST: $700

Homemade Cooked Meals by incredible cook!!


get your ticket

Chattanooga TN is the closest airport - about an hour from the camp

i'll be flying, what airport should I fly into?

Everything except your travel there! Lodging, food, SWAG. You would just need to get yourself there! 

what all does the price include?

That is SO okay! That's what we want this week to be - building friendships! We are going to also be doing smaller "camp teams" for the week so you will have a group you'll participate in "camp games" with. Capture the flag, sack races, the whole nine yards! We want to be your friend! 

What if i don't know anyone?

We will arrive Monday May 6 and leave Thursday May 9th. We want this to be a summer camp but adult style. You remember growing up as a kid, playing capture the flag, telling ghost stories, making s'mores by a campfire? That's what Camp Rooted will be. No activity is mandatory but everything is encouraged. We will also be doing a morning bible study for anyone and everyone who wants to join. This week is all about resetting our minds, relaxing, and going into 2023 with so much light and positivity.  

What will the week look like?


Unfortunately, this camp will be female only. Because of sleeping and bunking situations we made the executive decision to do our camp this way. Sorry guys!!

Is this co-ed?

Absolutely! If you own a camera and are pursuing photography, you better be there! 

can i come if i am not full time in photography?